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 Warranty Registration Service  

$75 for the 1st Appliance; $37.50 for each additional

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Why Do I Need It?

New appliances such as pool pumps, filters and cleaners all come with manufacturer warranties. These warranties generally range in length from 1-3 years and in most cases the warranty only takes effect after the buyer registers for the warranty. Failing to register the appliance or submitting incomplete information allows the manufacturer to void the warranty.


Why Use a Warranty Registration Service from Aqua Perfection?

Aqua Perfection maintains a strong working relationship with all the large manufacturers, and we have years of experience with product registration and filing the associated paperwork.  We guarantee that the registration will be completed properly and on time to ensure that your product registration is available for use when it’s needed.


Hassle Free Claim Filing

Should a claim ever need to be filed for your appliance, Aqua Perfection will contact the manufacturers on your behalf, file the claim for you and schedule the repair. If the manufacturer requests photos or written documentation to support the claim, we will provide it for you.


Peace of Mind

If at any point during the product registration process, Aqua Perfection staff makes an error or an omission on the initial paperwork that causes the manufacture to void the warranty, then Aqua Perfection will provide the same level of warranty on that appliance item using our own in-house warranty program, at no additional cost to you. This way you are still covered. 


Do you need to be an Aqua Perfection customer to use this service?

No. The Warranty Registration Service and the Product Warranty Program are available to everyone.


How long is the service good for?

The service lasts for the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty. Each appliance has a different length of warranty and possibly a different warranty start date. For example, a pump installed 1 year ago with a 3-year warranty would have 2 years remaining on the manufacturer warranty, but a filter installed today with a 1-year manufacturer warranty would end in 365 days. Aqua Perfection tracks and maintains the warranty registration information for each appliance covered.


Are there any discounts for additional appliances covered?

Yes. Aqua Perfection offers significant discounts for each appliance added. Full price is paid for the first appliance and each additional appliance added to the service plan is offered at a 50% discount.


Are the fees for the Warranty Registration Service recurring?

No. You will make a one-time payment for that appliance. The service lasts for the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty coverage period.


Can an appliance be added to your Warranty Registration Service even if the initial registration was filed and the registration is active?

Yes. Aqua Perfection would request documentation from you or the manufacturer if you don’t have it, and we would handle the filing of any claims on your behalf for the remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty.


Does Aqua Perfection cover anything outside of the manufacturer’s warranty?

No. The Warranty Registration Service allows Aqua Perfection to submit the manufacturer’s warranty for you and file claims on your behalf. Aqua Perfection does not guarantee the manufacturer will approve the claim nor does Aqua Perfection offer any warranty coverage for the covered appliances. 


Fees & Costs Imposed by the Manufacturer

All fees and costs imposed by the manufacturer to the customer as outlined in their manufacturer warranty are the sole responsibility of the customer to pay.


Termination of the Warranty Registration Service.

This service maybe terminated at any time for the following reasons:

  1. Nonpayment of the initial Warranty Registration Fee

  2. Customer fails to provide Aqua Perfection with any documentation needed to register the appliance or submit a claim.

  3. At the end of the product’s manufacturer’s warranty period.

  4. Customer sells the home. This service is non-transferable.

  5. At the written request of the customer. No refunds are provided with this service plan.

  6. Aqua Perfection reserves the right to terminate the Warranty Registration Service at any time; however, active warranty service customers would receive a prorated refund of their paid service fee.


Is there a supplemental product warranty available?

Yes. Aqua Perfection offers a Product Warranty Program that can be used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s warranty or as a stand-alone warranty. The details to this program can be found on our website. Aqua Perfection’s Product Warranty Program is not associated with or included in the Warranty Registration Service. These are two separate programs within Aqua Perfection and paying for one does not automatically include you in the other.


General Warranty Disclaimer:

Aqua Perfection does not provide any guarantees or assurances that the manufacturer will accept a future claim or repair/replace any appliance or part.


The customer is required to adhere to all the requirements outlined by the manufacturer as outlined under their warranty plan. Failure by the customer to follow the manufacturer’s warranty requirements and/or failure to notify Aqua Perfection staff in writing within a reasonable timeframe regarding issues with the appliance or claim filing could result in the manufacturer not accepting the claim. Aqua Perfection is not responsible for the customer not adhering to the customer’s responsibilities as outlined in the manufacturer’s product warranty.


Documentation Disclaimer

All warranty registration paperwork and associated claim documentation remains the sole property of Aqua Perfection even after the service is terminated. Customers can request copies of their registration paperwork to include any claims filed at any time during the manufacturer warranty coverage period. There are no fees associated with Aqua Perfection providing a digital copy of the requested paperwork. Customers that request a paper copy of the warranty registration or associated paperwork will be assessed a $10 processing fee for each request.

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