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Tile Restoration Using dustless blasting

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Why use dustless blasting to remove calcium from your pool?

The simple answer is that it's a clean, fast and effective way to remove calcium deposits without damaging your tile. The typical process lasts only a few hours to include cleanup.


The process is very simple; first, we lower the water level of your pool to 6-10" below the tile line. Then, we use recycled glass that is environmentally safe and water as the blast media. The media is then sprayed at the tile at a low pressure so as not to damage the tile. Once we have completely removed the calcium from the tile we clean up. The glass beads used during the process sink to the bottom of the pool and are then vacuumed up and removed. The pool is left with tile that is sparkling clean! 


Are there alternatives to dustless blasting? Yes, you could use a pumice stone and hours of your time to scrub the calcium away or you could use harsh chemicals on the calcium, but both options tend to not work well. Most customers try these options first, then call to have the calcium removed professionally because it didn't work. The problem with harsh chemicals is that they can throw off the water chemistry, which can lead to other problems and aggressive use of a pumice stone can cause damage to the title and grout. 


Dustless blasting can be used to clean many surface areas in addition to pool tile. Here are a few other areas that you may want restoration: 

  • Concrete

  • Masonry

  • Wood

  • Surface cleaning for oil stains, grime and paint removal

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