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Service Agreement

Service Agreement Photo

We make our service agreement available online for our customers to view and download. The service agreement is not a contract and our customers can cancel service at any time without a fee. Please contact us with any questions you may have.


Along with our service agreement, we do have our Service Practice which further outlines how we perform our service each week. 


Service Practice


Weekly Visits

Our weekly pool cleaning service (Chemical Only, Chem PLUS, Full Service Spa, Full Service and Premium Service) includes a weekly scheduled visit by one of our trained pool service technicians. 

After each visit, we will email you a complete report letting you know what services were performed to your pool, the date and time of the visit, the status of the water chemistry and any repairs that were made. This email will also include a current photo of your pool!


All repairs are outside of any of the service plans listed above and repairs over $75 will only be conducted after the technician receives prior approval from the customer. Refer to the service agreement for more details. 

Rain or Shine Policy

It’s important for the chemicals to be maintained in your pool each week; therefore, our pool service technicians will service your pool rain or shine; however, service may be canceled during severe wind or rain events for safety purposes. 

High Wind Events

During certain times of the year, high wind events occur which often leave the pool impacted with large volumes of leaves and debris that make their way into the pool. The pool technician will do everything they can to remove as much of the debris as possible while they are servicing the pool. Unfortunately, the excess leaves and debris caused by a severe weather event are outside the scope of the weekly pool service. The technician will get the mess cleaned up; however, it may take 2-3 visits to get the pool back in shape. If you desire an extra visit during the week to remove the leaves, then an additional hourly charge will be assessed. 


Weekly pool service cleaning are billed on a 4 week month. There are generally 3 months out of the year that are 5 weeks long. Industry training and vacations will occur during these 3 separate weeks. Refer to the service agreement for further details. Other services we offer may have a different billing schedule, but this can be discussed in more detail over the phone or by email. 

Customer Responsibilities

It is ALWAYS the customer’s responsibility to maintain the water level of their pool. Aqua Perfection does not assume responsibility for a low water level or any pool or pool equipment damaged as a result of low water levels. 

Pool Service Agreement

The pool service agreement is available online for your review. You will find more detailed explanations to your questions on that form. All of your questions along with the Pool Service Agreement will be explained during the initial account setup or when the estimate is provided, but ask questions if you do not understand the information provided to you verbally, written in the agreement or found on this website. The Pool Service Agreement supersedes any and all terms, agreements, conditions and information found on this site. 


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