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Product Warranty

$495 for $2,000 in Coverage

Running pool pump system, inside. Perspective view of two installed pool pumps with connec

What is a product warranty
from aqua perfection?

A product warranty from Aqua Perfection is an annual renewable service contract that provides protection and peace of mind should a covered breakdown occur. Product warranties help cut the cost to repair or replace many of the pool systems and appliances that you count on to run to pool. 

why do i need one?

The short answer is that it's a proactive way to cover the systems and appliances for your pool to ensure that should your equipment stop working that you will be back up and running faster than you would have without having the warranty in place. When a covered item breaks down due to normal wear and tear, we will help with the cost to repair it, and if it can't be repaired, we will replace the item for you subject to the limitations and exclusions of the contract. In addition, the product warranty helps protect your budget and saves you time searching for a qualified contractor.

What's covered

The product warranty from Aqua Perfection covers a variety of systems and appliances that operate your pool such as the main pool pump, water feature pumps, filters (sand, DE or cartridge), salt cells, heaters (gas or electric), chlorinators, Intellichem systems, cleaners and more. For an item to be covered by the product warrant it must be listed in the contract at the time of signing. 

Are they Worth it?

The cost to replace a heater without a warranty can be up to $6,600, but because the heater could be covered by the product warranty, you would simply pay the Service Call Fee of $95 when you make the claim. Then have it repaired or replaced subject to the coverage limitations and exclusions outlined in your warranty. Similarly, other covered appliance items can be costly to replace on their own, such as an energy efficient pool pump which could cost you $2,000 or a new filter could run $1,800. A new salt cell or a robotic cleaner could easily cost $2,000 or more. All of these items could be covered by the product warranty as long as they are itemized on the warrant contract at the time the contract is signed. 

Our Customers get more.

All Product warranties are not created equal. What does a product warranty from Aqua Perfection mean?

  • Older items could be covered

  • Undetectable pre-existing conditions could be covered

  • Items without maintenance records are covered

  • Can be used in conjunction with manufacturer warranties

  • Removal of old, defective items

  • Priority on repairs/replacements over other scheduled repairs. 

  • Priority on instock inventory for covered parts

  • Assessments from claims made within 48 hours (not including weekends)

Warranty Image.png

Who is eligible for this warranty and is it Transferable?

You do not have to be a current customer of Aqua Perfection to be eligible. Anyone is eligible for the product warranty provided they allow our staff to conduct a site inspection. Not all equipment is eligible and Aqua Perfection always reserves the right to select the specific products that will be covered on the warranty. These covered items will always be listed in the contract. 

The product warranty is good for a period of 12 months from the date of signatures. During that time, the warranty can be transferred at no additional cost during the remainder of the warranty period provided the warranty has been paid in full and the warranty limitations haven't been exhausted. The new owner must sign the product warranty contract in order to transfer the coverage to the new owner. 

How it works

Phone image 2.png


Request service online or by phone. Pay your Service Call Fee.

Tech Image.png


We assign a repair professional

Leak Repair Image.png


We repair or replace your covered appliance.

Email us to review the contract for the Limited Pool Warranty from Aqua Perfection. 

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