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Polaris 280

 The Polaris 280 has been around for over 3 decades and still works well with only minor changes to its design since it came on the market. We feel that says a lot about a product. The internal parts are the same as they were 30 years ago, but the body has been upgraded a tiny bit. This cleaner is dependable, does a great job cleaning a pool in under 3 hours and the maintenance is very low. 


Pentair Racer

The Pentair Racer is a great alternative to the Polaris. With 25% more cleaning power, LED lighting and a built-in front-rotating brush that deep cleans stubborn dirt. The Pentair Racer has a 40% larger vacuum intake that sucks in dirt and debris of all shapes and sizes. 

This cleaner has large wheels giving it superior traction and a large back-up valve to get it out of sticky situations. This cleaner will clean your pool faster than any other pressure-side cleaner on the market. 


Zodiac MX8

Our staff loves the Zodiac MX8 Elite for its ability to pick up large debris, its over-sized cleaning path and its ability to climb the walls all the way to the tile line. This cleaner uses rotating scrubbers that work to remove caked-on dirt and algae from the pool. This cleaner is sturdy, well-built and reliable. The best part, these suction side cleaners are easy to install, work off of your pool’s existing pump and filter and are more affordable than other types of cleaners on the market.


Polaris 360

The Polaris 360 is a great cleaner in that it doesn’t need a booster pump to operate, but you will need a 1 ½” threaded return line for it to operate properly. These cleaners are great for large debris like leaves and they do a great job at keeping your pool looking clean each day. They too are durable and built to last and, just like the Polaris 280, they have their own filter bags so they don’t send debris to your pump basket or filter. 


Aquabot Turbo

The Aquabot Turbo T4RC Plus cleaner is a top of the line robotic cleaner that features a duel drive motor with four rotating brushes that can clean most pools in under an hour.  This cleaner also comes with remote control for spot vacuuming, 75 feet of cable and will filter down to 2 microns. To put that into perspective, a standard D.E. filter will filter down to 3-5 microns and a cartridge filter down to 10-20 microns. 

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Pool Rx

Our staff loves Pool Rx and we offer this product to all of our customers. The PoolRx is placed in the pump basket or in a skimmer basket and is packed with a proprietary mineral blend. The minerals then dissolve out into the body of water forming a stable residual throughout the pool that lasts up to 6 months. PoolRx is also great for salt water pools because they improve the saltwater experience and reduce the chlorine production needed to keep your salt pool sanitized and algae free. 

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Pool Solar


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