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Full service

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Our full-service plan is truly a "sit back and let us take care of the work" approach to pool service*. We believe that as the pool owner, you should be able to enjoy your investment as much as possible while we ensure the water is balanced and safe, the equipment is running properly, and the pool is clean. 

The following tasks are performed each week with our Full Service:

  • Balance the water chemistry**

    • For this, we check chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, cyanuric acid levels, ​​salt levels, phosphates, and total dissolved solids. ​

  • Skim the surface to remove debris

  • Vacuum (as needed)

  • Clean out the skimmer basket(s)

  • Remove debris from the cleaner bag and pump basket

  • Brush the walls, steps, and tile line

  • Set the pump schedule as needed

  • Check for proper operation of the pump, filter, skimmer, weir gates, cleaners, Saltwater Generators (SWG), IntelliChem system, return jets, and auto-fill valves.


The filter cleans are performed at a reduced rate 

Please refer to our Service Agreement for further details.

* It is ALWAYS the customer's responsibility to maintain the proper water level in the pool

**Not all of the components to the water chemistry need to be checked every week. Some of the tests are performed monthly or as needed**

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