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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my plaster rough?

Rough plaster or sharp areas on your plaster can be caused by water chemistry. Improper water chemistry can cause pitting or etching, and both can be unsightly and irritating to swimmers. Etching, scaling or plaster roughness can be caused by low pH or alkalinity. Call (530) 377-9550 for more information. 


How do I eliminate rough plaster?

Many times, rough plaster needs to be sanded by hand with a circular sander with fine paper. An acid wash might be necessary and oftentimes it's recommended by pool service professionals when a pool is sanded. Always contact a pool service professional before using any chemical in your pool and follow the directions on the container. Call (530) 377-9550 for more information.


How do I stop getting rough plaster?

Be certain your water chemistry is balanced at least weekly. While proper water chemistry will go a long way in keeping your plaster in good shape; sometimes rough plaster is a byproduct of a poor plaster job and the roughness eventually works its way out through the gunite and onto the surface of the plaster. Call (530) 377-9550 for more information.


Why do I have little rust stains on my plaster?

Small rust stains can be caused by improper chemical treatment but most of the time rust stains are caused by debris left undisturbed in the swimming pool. If the stains are on left on the bottom of the pool it is usually caused by plant life or other debris left behind by a swimmer. If the stains are on the walls of the pool, they are most likely caused by poor water chemistry. Call (530) 377-9550 for more information.


Why are there white rock-like deposits on my tile?

They are called calcium deposits or calcium buildup. Call (530) 377-9550 for more information.


What is calcium buildup?

There is usually too much calcium in your water. Call (530) 377-9550 for more information.


How do I get rid of calcium build-up?

A couple of ways to remove calcium build-up from your swimming pool tile is to acid wash your pool and to use a pumice stone on the calcium deposits or by using a bead blaster to remove the calcium. Bead blasters shoot pressurized glass beads at the calcium deposits removing them from your tile. The glass beads are then vacuumed up from the pool. If your pool plaster is in good shape, then it would be a good idea to look into the bead blaster as an alternative to an acid wash. Call (530) 377-9550 for more information.


How does the billing work for our monthly service fee?

Aqua Perfection bills on a 4-week month. There are generally (3) months of the year with 5 weeks in them. This means the customer is essentially not charged for the service they receive during these weeks. We reserve the right to use this time to conduct vacations and training for employees. Aqua Perfection is off during the week of Christmas and we are off for a week in either September or October for advanced training, which usually occurs out of the area at a convention. This utilizes 2 of the three unpaid weeks, but generally, we give back the third week to our customers as a free week of service. We do not utilize any of these weeks during the summer (peak season) and we always give our customers advanced notice of our intention of being gone. 


Why am I paying for my weekly pool service in advance of when the service is performed?

We make every effort possible to avoid having to increase our service rates despite the increases in chemical costs, fuel expenses, and employee costs. One way in which we are able to avoid increases in service fees is to collect the fees upfront. In the event, a service visit is missed, and payment has already been made; we will promptly refund or credit to your account that prorated amount if appropriate. 


What payment methods are available for me to pay an invoice?

We accept all major credit cards and we recommend that all customers allow a credit card to be maintained on file for monthly charges. All credit card transactions are subject to a processing fee. Refer to the Pool Service Agreement for more information. If you are experiencing any issues with making a payment or need a bill to be resent, please call us at (530) 377-9550 or email


Why are there still leaves and debris in my pool?

During certain times of the year, high wind events occur which often leave the pool impacted with large volumes of leaves and debris that make their way into the pool. The pool technician will do everything they can to remove as much of the debris as possible while they are servicing the pool. Unfortunately, the excess leaves and debris caused by a severe weather event are outside the scope of the weekly pool service. The technician will get the mess cleaned up; however, it may take 2-3 visits to get the pool back in shape. If you desire an extra visit during the week to remove the leaves, then an additional hourly charge will be assessed. 

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