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Chem Plus Service

Our Chem Plus-service plan is a great option for folks that like to get involved with their pool cleaning, but need some help each week*.  

The following tasks are performed each week with our Chem Plus Service:

  • Balance the water chemistry**

    • ​For this, we check chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, cyanuric acid levels, ​salt levels, phosphates, and total dissolved solids. 

  • Clean out the skimmer basket**

  • Remove debris from the cleaner bag and pump basket**

  • Check for proper operation of the pump, filter, skimmer, weir gates, cleaners, Salt Water Generators (SWG), IntelliChem system, return jets, and auto-fill valves.

  • The filter cleans are performed at the full rate.

Please refer to our service agreement for further details which can be viewed and downloaded under the "Service Agreement" tab under the HOME menu.

* It is ALWAYS the customer's responsibility to maintain the proper water level in the pool at all times

**Customers who would prefer to have us brush the walls and steps can request this option instead of having their skimmer/pump baskets and cleaner bags emptied**