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Chem only Service

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Our Chem Only service plan is a great option for folks that are really looking for their water chemistry to be managed by a professional each week and they really prefer not to maintain their own chemicals at home*.    

The following tasks are performed each week with our Chem Only Service:

  • Balance the water chemistry

    • ​For this, we check chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, cyanuric acid levels, ​​salt levels, phosphates, and total dissolved solids. 

  • Check for proper operation of the pump, filter, skimmer, weir gates, cleaners, Salt Water Generators (SWG), IntelliChem system, return jets, and auto-fill valves.

  • The filter cleans are performed at the full rate.

Please refer to our Service Agreement for further details.

* It is ALWAYS the customer's responsibility to maintain the proper water level in the pool at all times

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