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There are some pools that will have stains or discolored surfaces that develop over time. For instance, magnesium or copper stains can turn plaster from white to blue. A black plaster pool may begin to look gray from calcium deposits or algae left in place for long periods of time may have stained the pool walls. 

Sometimes these stains cannot be removed by scrubbing alone. An acid wash then becomes the best option. Acid washing can be used to remove calcium on pool tile and will actually benefit pools damaged by algae or hard water. We specialize in acid washes and we can get your pool looking great in no time.  Call us today to discuss your pool and spa maintenance needs.

**A Chlorine Wash differs from an acid wash in that chlorine washes are typically used for removing lightly stained green or mustard algae from the plaster. We perform chlorine washes as well. Call today for more information** 

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